Started 4 years ago by two brothers Jack Knight & Tom Knight, Annesley Property Ltd has grown from a small business focusing on residential flips on the outskirts of Manchester into an SME converting commercial premises into residential units. More recently we’ve been eager to get out into the market place and meet as many like-minded entrepreneurial people as we can, so for the last 18 months we’ve been attending networking events across the country to build a power team of investors who we now consider friends, with the joint aim of building a large HMO portfolio over the coming years. Our experience and fantastic support group is now enabling us to source and project manage deals for our investors, providing fantastic yields well beyond any traditional BTL investment. Our HMO strategy has been warmly welcomed, so should you be looking for high return property investments, then by all means get in contact via our contact page. We’re always happy to sit down and discuss avenues with potential investors.

Jack Knight:

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Hi guys, so I was born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire where I spent the first few years of my life growing up, two in fact!  Our family then relocated to Hertfordshire where I spent the majority of my youth. It was at Heath Mount School in Ware where I found that my entrepreneurial spirit was greater than fellow friend’s desires to work the corporate ladder. So much so at the age of 11 I was recycling “cool” looking glass bottles into fizzy drinks by adding tonic water & lime cordial for 50p a bottle. Although financially I was not getting rich, I began to realise the power of money.

After 4 years at Heath Mount I managed to gain a scholarship to Ardingly College in West Sussex for Sport & Drama. These years were fantastic! Although at boarding school, and miles away from family and friends, the cheer joy of freedom and new experiences built my character to be self-driven and self-reliant. Although I knew academics were important, (mainly down to my parent’s constant reminders) I didn’t ever feel excited about entering working life for another company, as my dream was always to be self-sufficient. At 6th form studying my A-levels not knowing what career path I should take whilst others around me just new, that I realised working the corporate ladder just wasn’t for me. I therefore didn’t have something to strive for and going to University became more of a chore than anything else. I still believe schools should have some form of internal support to aid entrepreneurialism! Anyhow, I decided to go to university just to see what it was like and what I could learn from it! Manchester University is where my adult life began. In my second year studying business management I found myself living and working in Orlando, Florida for Walt Disney World. Being amongst people from all around the world, listening to their stories of plight and success that I decided when I returned to the UK I’ll set my own business up. I did, it was called Paper Chain Limited. Working in the back office of a Hotel in Manchester I realised they were going through incredible amounts of paper. Week after week I’d have to sign off deliveries which contained box after box stacked full of paper. I thought to myself this must be expensive! So I asked the internal buyer how much they were paying for each ream and decided to see if I could undercut the supplier. Alibaba here I came! After a few weeks of negotiation I found a supplier that would send me a shipment of paper boxes by sea freight from China that would undercut current supply. Everything was going great; I had a contract at 18, a supplier and a strategy for undercutting paper supply to Hotels. Then naivety came a knocking! Two days before I paid my Chinese supplier the hotel I was planning to supply let their current supplier know what was about to happen. They then undercut me! My game was over. I couldn’t squeeze my sale price any further and I received a quick lesson on economies of scale!

University flew by graduating in 2008. Still not knowing what career would suit me (if at all) I found myself in financial recruitment where I became the top earner in the first few months of employment. Billings where high and I was working for the top financial recruitment firm globally with opportunities to work abroad beckoning. However, as you can probably tell, something inside me was repelling against the idea of becoming that corporate man, facilitating corporate group telephone conversations sat around a large brown table.  So, at the age of 23, my brother & I decided to go on our own and set up a property development business. Our first project was a steep learning curve! With no experience in property we did due diligence on a property in New Moston, Manchester and bought it for 51,000 pounds. We spent night after night sat on YouTube learning how to plumb a toilet, tile walls and floors, fit a bathroom / kitchen and many other things sat amongst rubble we had ripped from the walls. With black sooty faces and a stove to cook the odd fried egg, we took 12 months to convert this dust filled nightmare into a home for modern living. We sold it for 83,000 and made an 8,000 profit. We were off! After 20 months of flipping houses experience grew in line with confidence and we were converting projects in as little as 8 weeks making profits nearer 40,000. However, always wanting more we decided to move into commercial to residential conversions, which is where we find ourselves today. Having built that stable base, we are now JV investing with other investors on HMO portfolio building producing fantastic yields. Our latest deal produces a 55% NET yield for our investor with only 9,687 left in the property.

Having been to various networking events over the years, earlier this year I decided to create an APP which will allow people connected to property to connect anyplace, anytime. Launching later this year,  PIP will allow you to find other investors, solicitors, accountants, developers and many, many more by GPS and *rating. If you feel this could add value to your current property networking avenues, head over to the PIP tab at the top of the page to find out more.



Tom Knight:

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