So why invest with us? We’re peoples' people, we’re not a faceless corporate who only deal with you over the phone or via email. We believe the key to a happy, successful business and life are the connections and people you surround yourself with. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our investors, being completely open and transparent about every aspect of our business, and will only do business with people we feel we can trust on a personal level. We do this by meeting face-to-face with all our clients and investors, getting to know exactly what each individual wants to achieve through their property investment venture, seeing whether we 'click', and only then start to discuss investment opportunities.

In terms of what we offer, we have two strands to our business. Large development 'flips', and long term HMO investment. Both offer great returns, far above what you could achieve in keeping your money locked up in the banks, it just depends on your individual interests and needs as to which model will work best for you. In short, investing in development flips (buy-develop-sell) will produce high returns over a short period, typically 6-12 months. For flips we offer Joint Venture options or loan agreements, each development has it's own particular financial structure, please enquire for more information. Investing in HMOs (buy-develop-hold) is aimed to offer high yields, fantastic return on investment (ROI) and financial security for the long term (typically 5 years +) and is structured in a Joint Venture agreement.

We’ve built relationships on trust and long term friendships. Investing with us is honestly a journey not a one off transaction, something we’re really proud of.  With 4 years operating within Greater Manchester, we have built up a fantastic support team to enable us to act swiftly, efficiently and professionally together with our investors on HMO projects. Due to our experience we’ve managed to locate our 'gold mine' area where we focus our HMO investing. This is great for our investors as they can see the potential first hand, taking away many of the concerns investors' have when starting from scratch. All contracts agreed between you (The Investor) and us (The Developer & Management) are professionally drawn up by an independent solicitor, so all parties feel safe and secure within the arrangement. If you’re a spreadsheet kind of person, we cater for that too! In our initial meet we always like to run through the strategy with spreadsheets in tow, so if you want to stress test our ideas, feel free to do so.

Obviously all financial investment, property or otherwise, carries a level of risk, and we urge all our investors to perform their own due diligence. Never take someone's word for it and always do your homework. However If you’ve thought about investing in property in order to change your life, or have read 'Rich dad Poor Dad' by Robert T. Kiyosaki and you’re now keen to get going on your property journey, feel free to get in touch with us for a non-obligatory chat through the 'contact' tab at the top of the page. We’re easy going guys so don’t worry if your questions sound novice... We were there once too!


"Manchester will be the Northern Power House” – David Cameron, Prime Minister after the 2015 general election. With HS2 connecting all major northern cities together and crucially a faster connection with London, investment into the city is going to increase over the coming years and decades. We’re already seeing Manchester emulate London with large amounts of Chinese and Russian investment pouring into the property market, and the huge amount of money spent on improving the cities infrastructure is now evident, with many once run down areas now flourishing under the ever expanding new tram 'Metro' network. For example, Castlefield has just secured £400million worth of investment for new accommodation! That’s confirmation of a buoyant market if you needed it. Salford Quays has recently been through a huge revitalisation with major corporate players moving their HQs there (the BBC most notably). Spinningfield has just finished a 5 year re-development program and there are more trams being built across the city then children being born! The city also has two large universities and has long been known as the music and cultural capital of England. It's the vibrant, energetic heartbeat of the North West and we honestly believe it's future looks golden. London obviously offers enormous potential, largely down to it's unfathomable capital growth. However the simple economics require you to have A LOT of cash to invest. It also doesn't offer great rental returns as the price of property is so extreme compared with average rent (though most London renters would be surprised to hear that!). Manchester is the perfect antidote to both these issues. You don't require huge amounts of cash, the rental market is buoyant and produces fantastic yields, and it now also has the potential for large capital growth itself with the government's plans to further decentralise business an investment to the area. It is also witnessing a huge population increase, partly fuelled by London being so overpriced - people are looking elsewhere for a better quality of life. 

Manchester truly is an exciting place to be investing and could also be the key to improving your quality of life. If you want to know more, please feel free to drop us an email through the 'contact' menu at the top of the page.


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